Why I Love Dungeons and Dragons (D&D With Kids)

Magic, adventure, role playing, and fun. That’s what I like about Dungeons and Dragons.

I really like to read, and when I read, I read about magic. Take Harry Potter, for instance. Everyone wishes that they could be a witch or wizard. With D&D, you can! You can design a wizard character based off of Hogwarts wizards, or you could even create a home-brew race for Hogwarts witches and wizards. That’s enough to make anyone want to try out an adventure!

Without D&D there’s no sword-fighting with thieves on any average Monday. You wouldn’t get to hunt for jewels or sabotage a ship holding an extremely rare magic item inside it, either.

My favorite book series is Percy Jackson (all of them), and if you’ve read Percy Jackson, you could tell that it has a ton of adventure possibilities. Whether he’s fighting Amazons unsuccessfully or trying to get to a ship, his adventures are my favorite. And I love that I can have adventures like that right here at home.

Another great thing about Dungeons and Dragons are the inevitable inside jokes that come from playing with my family. After our most recent campaign, my adventure party has been talking about badgers, talent show archery targets, attacking people with popcorn, and vaporizing dinosaurs (don’t ask). Does grandpa know what we’re talking about? Absolutely not. But we’re snorting because we know just how funny it was.

The best thing is that D&D isn’t one of those games where you play to try and beat your levels. It’s where you get together with a bunch of friends to roleplay and laugh (a lot). 

Thanks for reading!

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