Half-Elf Race Builder: Level One


(Image owned by Wizards of the Coast, LLC)

Half-Elf Race Basics:

This guide should make it easy-peasy for you to fill out your first character sheet for the Half-Elf race! Consult your player’s handbook for more detailed information.

Life Span

Approximately 180+ Years

Half-Elves Reach Adulthood

At Approximately 20 Years Old

Ability Score Increases

Add +1 to Your Charisma Score
Add +1 to Two More Abilities of Your Choice

Skill Versatility

Gain Proficiency in Two Skills of Your Choice

Half-Elf Size


Average Half-Elf Height

Five to Six Feet Tall, Like Humans

Base Walking Speed

30 Feet


60 Foot Range
(Dim Light = Bright Light, Dark Light = Dim Light)

Fey Ancestry Advantages

Advantage on Savings Throws Against Being Charmed
& Magic Can't Put You to Sleep

Suggested Alignment

Half-Elves Tend to Value Freedom and Expression, Are Unpredictable, and Display No Love For Rulers

Half-Elf Languages

Common + 1 Language of Your Choice

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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